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Ashley Pettit

Kimpton Hotel Allegro’s Health and Wellness Concierge: Ashley Pettit

Traveling doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your health and wellness goals anymore. With so many options at your fingertips, you shouldn’t have to stray from your routine. That’s why we’ve partnered with local health and wellness expert, Ashley Pettit, as our official Health and Wellness Concierge to help guide your healthy travel itinerary. As a guest of the hotel, Ashley will offer a complimentary 30 min consultation ($50 value) where she will provide guidance and make recommendations that meet your specific goals. Simply email Ashley at with "Allegro" in the subject and follow her at @Living_withAshley. 

About Ashley

As Chicago's most recognized certified nutritionist, fitness chef and trainer, Ashley Pettit offers a premier wellness concierge service to assist you during your stay. Ashley has expertly recommended the best in wellness around the Allegro property and in the neighborhood to keep you happy & healthy.


  • Find zen in the comfort of your hotel room. Grab the complimentary yoga mat from your guest room closet and give your best downward dog. A 24 hour yoga channel is also available on your TV.
  • Looking for more cardio, check out the 24 hour state of the art fitness center
  • For a great al fresco option, grab a complimentary PUBLIC bike and take a ride around the neighborhood.


Essential Tips

  • Hydrate! Staying hydrated is key to not drying out in the air. Don’t forget to grab a BIG water after security. I cannot get enough water from the attendant, so I am sure to bring my own.
  • Take Your Vitamins, in particular a few days before travel– especially immune-boosting vitamin C and B vitamins.
  • Cleanliness is Key - bring some wipes to clean off those armrests, belt buckle, and tray tables. Go ahead and laugh now, but you think they go through and thoroughly wipe these things between flights when the turnaround is 10 minutes or less? Nope…you’re on your own here ladies and gents.
  • Keep “pretty” – I keep a green & clean moisturizer and lip balm in my bag to apply mid-flight so I don’t suffer chapping or excessive dryness from the re-circulated air.
  • Move – walk a bit every hour to keep your blood circulating; this is good for your body as well as helping with blood clot prevention.
  • Bye, Bye Booze - alcohol during the flight is a no-no, mostly because it is going to not only lower your immunity and make it easier for you to catch something from your coughing neighbor, it will lend to you being even more dry and dehydrated.
  • Perfect your Posture – the neck pillow is an absolute must when traveling by air…not only because it keeps your head from the germ-ridden seat, but it also helps your posture so you don’t have aches and pains when de-boarding.
  • Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs – for long flights, catching some zzz’s is important to your health, but can be difficult with the environment, so a mask and ear plugs can block off the excessive light and noise that may prevent you from a necessary nap.
  • Bathroom Behavior – use a paper towel to flush the toilet, lower the seat, and open the door to exit so you keep your hands clean. Use bottle water to brush your teeth (oftentimes the faucet water on airplanes does not meet the federal standard.)
  • Stretch Post-Flight – your circulation is off and your body has been cramped in a position that was tough on you. I love a brief yoga routine to bring my limbs back to life!

BYOTS (Bring Your Own Travel Snacks)

Great go-to travel snacks you can prepare ahead of time that keep for a while are:

  • ½-cup of edamame, steamed + unsalted
  • 1 cup of sliced fresh veggies with 3 TB organic hummus
  • An organic apple sliced up and put in a baggie with lemon juice squeezed on it and a couple dashes of cinnamon on top of it
  • A green juice (only 1 serving of fruit in it or just green)
  • Seaweed snacks (I love wasabi flavored; Sea Tangle or Annie Chun’s.)
  • A banana with 1 TB organic, no sugar-added almond or sunflower seed butter

Dining Healthiest at 312 Chicago

Breakfast + Brunch:

  • EGGS: Frittata, Vegetable Omelet, Caprese Omelet
  • Brunch entrees: Chicken Breast, Salmon, Mista Salad + add a lean protein on top if possible
  • Italian breakfast tip: order it with whole grain bread instead of Ciabatta bread
  • How to navigate a Continental Breakfast: avoid the pastry + ask for whole grain toast with your fruit + Greek yogurt instead of juice
  • Smoke salmon plate tip: order it with whole grain toast instead of a bagel


  • Satiating Starters: sea scallops
  • Tasty + Healthy Salad Choices: Mista, Fave, + Tonno
  • Main Entrees Without the Guilt – Salmon, Chicken, Sea Bass, Halibut


  • Tasty + Healthy Salad Choices: Mista + Fave
  • Main Entrees Without the Guilt – Salmon, Chicken, Sea Bass, Halibut

Local Eats

Remington’s Restaurant: 20 N. Michigan Avenue

  • The Raw Bar is always a low-calorie winner
  • Starters- grilled artichokes
  • Entrees – Branzino, fresh fish, or the chicken with grilled asparagus instead of mashed potatoes

The Dearborn: located within Block 37

  • Dinner + Lunch – go light with a starter like the steamed mussels, the grilled octopus, or the Meze plate. Want a salad? The Ancient Grains + Asian Greens salad is a filling choice. Order the ceviche with a shrimp cocktail or the Dunganess Crab Salad. For entrees, try the Walleye for dinner or the Market fish selection for lunch.

Simply Thalia: located within Block 37

  • Their healthy salads are all a good choice + you can follow the Living with Ashley dining out guide in regards to sushi to order healthy at any meal!

Delmonico Restaurant: 111 W. Washington Street

  • Lunch only. Try to build a vegetable-heavy salad from their salad bar with a vinaigrette on the side + a lean grilled protein on top

When In Doubt At Any Restaurant: Speak Up!

Having been on a restricted food regimen for both food allergies and dietary restrictions for over 10 years, I am no stranger to asking for what and how I want my food prepared. You should by no means feel shy and should absolutely speak up so you can live healthy and without guilt. Eating out is a social event you do not need to deprive yourself of, but you do need to ensure you stay on track by making healthy alterations to your meal. Check out or recommendations when dining out on particular cuisine and, when in doubt, you can check in with the plate method below:

Ideal go-to plate when dining out: ¼ lean protein + ½ vegetables + ¼ whole grain or healthy starchy vegetable

Running in Chicago

Use the beautiful lakefront to have an uninterrupted run in either direction.

To get to the lake: run east on Randolph street 6 blocks to Michigan Avenue. Take a right (south) + go 3 blocks to Monroe Street. Head east again past Millenium Park on your left + the Art Institute on your right 2 blocks to the Lakefront path. Total: roughly 1.1 miles.

The lakefronts overall distance is 18.5 miles from start (W. Ardmore Ave. + N. Sheridan Rd. to South Shore Dr.+ U.S. 41)

North Path: Head North (turn left on the lakefront path)

  • Mile markers
    • Navy Pier: 1.2 miles (total distance from the hotel: 2.3 miles, roundtrip: 6.8 miles)
    • North Avenue Bridge: 2.6 miles (total distance from the hotel: 3.7 miles, roundtrip: 7.4 miles)
    • Belmont Harbor: 5.5 miles (total distance from the hotel: 6.6 miles, roundtrip: 13.2 miles – a HALF marathon!)
    • Montrose Harbor: 6.6 miles (total distance from the hotel: 7.7 miles, roundtrip: 15.4 miles)
    • North End of the Path: 8.3 miles (total distance from the hotel: 9.4 miles, roundtrip: 18.8 miles)

South Path: Head South (turn right on the lakefront path)

  • Mile markers
    • The Field Museum: 1.1 miles (total distance from the hotel: 2.2 miles, roundtrip: 4.4 miles)
    • Burnham Harbor: 1.7 miles (total distance from the hotel: 2.8 miles, roundtrip: 5.6 miles)
    • 35th Street: 3.7 miles (total distance from the hotel: 4.8 miles, roundtrip: 9.6 miles)
    • 47th Street: 5.8 miles (total distance from the hotel: 6.9 miles, roundtrip: 13.8 miles)
    • 55th Street: 7.0 miles (total distance from the hotel: 8.1 miles, roundtrip: 16.2 miles)
    • South End of the Path: 8.6 miles (total distance from the hotel: 9.7 miles, roundtrip: 19.4 miles)

Local Fitness Classes Nearby (within walking distance of the hotel)

There are plenty of cardio + strength training options close by! Checkout the varied mix of classes you have access to in the neighborhood.

  • SoulCycle: 111 West Wacker Drive
    A very positive-minded cycling studio with highly motivational instructors
  • Hardpressed Conditioning: 324 North Michigan Avenue
    Mix your cardio with your strength training for a full body workout in small groups so you get personal attention
  • Barry’s Boot Camp: 1 East Erie Street
    Tried and true boot camp workouts that have been around since the early 90s. A mix of cardio + strength training.
  • The Bar Method: 180 North Upper Wacker Drive
    Build lean muscle mass with these toning classes