1. Welcome To Hotel Allegro Chicago

  2. Hotel Allegro Grand Staircase Entry

  3. Our Living Room Invites You To Stay Awhile

  4. Hotel Allegro Cameo Room Adjacent to Hotel Lobby

  5. Our Queen Deluxe Room, Fit For A Star

  6. Double Double Room, When Two Beds Are Better Than One

  7. Our King Premier Room: Starring You!

  8. King Suite And Jacuzzi: Splashy Fun For Couples

  9. King Suite Bedroom: Retreat In Celebrity Style

  10. Our Hospitality Suite: Movies Anyone?

  11. Invite Your Entourage To Our Hospitality Suite

  12. Tune Up Your Muscle Tone In Our Fitness Center

  13. Very Private Dining In Our 312 Chicago Tasting Room

  14. Our Historic Ballroom: That's Entertainment!

  15. Hotel Allegro

  16. Hotel Allegro

  17. Hotel Allegro

  18. Front And Center In Downtown Chicago

  19. Millennium Park Beckons

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